We bought a small speedboat with money from our wedding presents, as it was a dream of ours to own one after spending many idyllic hours on hired boats during our courtship. Then we had the opportunity to put down a deposit on a house, but we had to act without delay. Pawning our boat with LOAN AGAINST BOAT | PAWN BOAT LONDON instantly gave us the cash to take this important step. And with both of us earning, we will be able to redeem the pawn loan and get our treasured boat back within the month.

Owning a sailboat was the realisation of a dream, but a demanding job and studying part-time meant that I had almost no time to enjoy it, and the upkeep and marina fees were an enormous drain on my finances. Friends suggested that I speak to the experienced people at LOAN AGAINST BOAT | PAWN BOAT LONDON, and I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent and sensible advice that they gave me.

Ultimately I accepted their guidance and sold my boat with their expert assistance, and the generous sum I received will be put to good use in the future.
DANIEL  –  London

My husband and I were anxious to travel to the UK to attend our daughter Jessica’s wedding, but we were afraid of dipping drastically into our savings in these unsettled times, as we are both retired. Although it was not something we would have thought to consider, some research brought us to LOAN AGAINST BOAT | PAWN BOAT LONDON in order to pawn the title of our boat. We received excellent service and felt that we were in the most trustworthy hands.

The loan enabled us to make a wonderful and memorable trip, and we knew that our boat would be kept safely until we were able to redeem it by negotiating a manageable grace period.
JULIA  –  London

After having had my loan application turned down by my bank because I am self-employed, I doubted that I would ever be able to realise my ambition of returning to university to complete my post-graduate degree. Then my brother suggested that I pawn my boat. He recommended LOAN AGAINST BOAT | PAWN BOAT LONDON, and they turned out to be the perfect solution to my problem.

The loan was granted without any need to consider my credit rating or the reliability of my income, as it was based on the value of my boat, which I have kept in excellent condition. My university fees are now paid, and my earnings will enable me to redeem my boat in due course. I am now embarking on an exciting new stage in my life.
MICHAEL  –  London